ASF Series
Web Application
Firewall & DDoS

Essential Security for Essential Applications

Essential Security for Essential Applications

Array web application firewalls provide a flexible and precise tool for securing business-critical resources. Commonly deployed along with load balancing and app delivery solutions, the ASF detects and blocks attacks including the OWASP Top 10, WASC, Layer 7 DDoS, and zero-day attacks with pinpoint accuracy. It ensures continuous security for applications and infrastructure while supporting compliance with security standards including PCI DSS.

ASF web application firewall combined the negative and positive WAF models together, guard against a range of latest known attacks, security vulnerabilities, automated and manual attacks but also effectively prevent “Zero-day” attacks. Available as physical or virtual appliances, or on your choice of public cloud, the ASF Series is ideal for businesses needing defense in depth against application-level attacks not readily detected by network firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention systems or network monitoring.

Protect Web Applications

Array web application firewalls provides businesses with a flexible and precise tool for fully securing applications against web attacks and zero-day exploits.

Smart Detection

  • Web Threat Intelligence
  • Comprehensive Threat logging and monitoring

Auto Learning

  • Behavior Analysis
  • Dynamic refreshing of defense profiles

Deployment mode

  • Bridge Mode
  • Routing Mode
  • TAP mode (out of Path)
Protect Web Applications

Advanced WAF Features

  • Proactive DDoS Defense

    Proactive DDoS Defense

    Profiling with behavioral analysis improves application security and predicts how attacks will unfold.

  • Automatically Block Zero-Day Attacks

    Automatically Block Zero-Day Attacks

    Multiple techniques, based on auto learning algorithms, combine to flag anomalies and automatically stop threats.

  • SSL Acceleration

    SSL Acceleration

    Built in hardware SSL offloading for best performance to protect SSL Traffic.

  • Web Anti-Defacement

    Web Anti-Defacement

    Monitor the protected Web page files in real time and cache page contents

  • Pinpoint Protection from Bot Attacks

    Pinpoint Protection from Bot Attacks

    Modeling of user behavior makes it easy to identify bots and thwart automated attacks without slowing legit traffic

  • Full Security For Web

    Full Security For Web

    Threats to web traffic are stopped by analysis with positive and negative model

  • Secure Application Delivery

    Secure Application Delivery

    Deploy in conjunction with Array load balancing to create an end-to-end application delivery networking solution.

  • Physical, Virtual & Cloud Deployment

    Physical, Virtual & Cloud Deployment

    Available as physical or virtual appliances, or as cloud-native instances on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platform

All-around, all-the-time application protection against zero-day attacks.

Deployment Options

  • Hardware


    High availability appliances with Hardware SSL acceleration Multi-tenant network hyper-converged infrastructure for flexibility with performance.

  • Software


    WAF virtual appliances with support for popular hypervisors including VMware, Hyper-V and KVM. Available as permanent or subscription licenses.

  • Cloud


    Available natively on industry-leading cloud platforms including AWS, Azure and Google Cloud. Supports utility consumption and BYOL license options.

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