AG Series
Remote Access

New Remote Access for the Next Normal

New Remote Access for the Next Normal

Array SSL VPN gateways provide secure remote access to applications, desktops, file shares, networks, and Web sites from a broad range of remote and mobile devices. Deployed at the network perimeter or in front of business-critical resources, the AG provides secure remote access for employees, guests, partners, and other communities of interest. SSL VPNs are ideal for simplifying the user experience while reducing potential attack vectors.

Every AG SSL VPN provides a complete secure access feature set, including TLS encrypted connectivity, device validation, endpoint and server-side security, advanced AAA, and granular policy controls. Available as physical or virtual appliances, or on your choice of public cloud, the AG Series is ideal for businesses needing enterprise-wide remote access, and for cloud service providers needing flexible remote access to meet broad ranging customer requirements.

Purpose-Built Secure Remote Access

Array SSL VPN provides best-of-breed secure remote access, designed to meet the scalability, reliability, flexibility and security requirements of the world’s most demanding enterprise organizations.


  • L3 VPN
  • L4 RDP
  • L7 Web
  • SSL/TLS Encryption


  • LDAP, SAML, OAuth
  • MFA, SSO, IDaaS
  • HW ID, Client Certs


  • Per User
  • Per Resource
  • Per Virtual Portal

Advanced SSL VPN Features

  • Any Device Managed or BYOD

    Any Device Managed or BYOD

    Windows, Mac, Chromebook, Linux, iOS, Android and more. DesktopDirect feature enables secure use of personal devices.

  • Device Identity & Client Security

    Device Identity & Client Security

    Perform pre-authentication checks for device certificates, unique hardware identifiers and client security policies.

  • User Identity, MFA & Single Sign-On

    User Identity, MFA & Single Sign-On

    Select LDAP, SAML, OIDC, or cloud-based multi-factor authentication, IDaaS and single sign-on.

  • Flexible SSL VPN Access Methods

    Flexible SSL VPN Access Methods

    Network level access, RDP, client server and application-level access from a single, simplified Web-based portal.

  • Resource-Specific access policies

    Resource-Specific access policies

    Program user-level policies for identity based access to URLs, apps, files, and network with extensive logs and statistics

  • Customizable Virtual Portals

    Customizable Virtual Portals

    Up to 256 portals customized to the security and usability preferences of multiple communities of interest.

  • Business continuity burst license packs

    Business continuity burst license packs

    Contigency user licenses sized to meet your needs, at a fraction of the cost of standard remote access user licenses.

  • Physical, Virtual & Cloud Deployment

    Physical, Virtual & Cloud Deployment

    Available as physical or virtual appliances, or as cloud-native instances on AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

Shrink attack vectors and data leakage, without shrinking workforce productivity.

Deployment Options

  • Hardware


    Dedicated appliances scalable to 10 Gbps of HW-accelerated SSL throughput. Multi-tenant network hyper-converged infrastructure for flexibility with performance.

  • Software


    SSL VPN virtual appliances with support for popular hypervisors including VMware, Xen Server and KVM. Available as permanent or subscription licenses.

  • Cloud


    Available natively on industry-leading public cloud platforms including AWS and Google. Supports utility consumption and BYOL license options

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