J&T Express Engages Array Networks to Address Surge in Courier Demand

Kuala Lampur, Malaysia – Nov. 23, 2020 Array Networks Inc. (Array), a network functions platform company shares that Malaysian courier J&T Express Malaysia has deployed Array’s APV Series ADC (Application Delivery Controllers) solution to address the surge in demand for their courier operations.

Johnny Huang, IT Project Manager of J&T Express Malaysia shares, “Back in March, when the Movement Control Order (MCO) first came into place, restricted to their homes, Malaysians turned towards e-commerce platforms to make purchases. This lead to a 40 percent increase in demand for our courier services.”

“We realised we needed to upgrade our courier management system in order to meet the rising demand from our customers. We needed a system that would minimise downtime and prevent traffic from clogging up our applications. Array Networks APV Series ADC fit our requirements and has more than met our fast-growing demand,” Johnny further shares.

Array Networks APV Series ADC leverages robust load balance algorithms to intelligently distribute high traffic across multiple servers to ensure minimal downtime and optimised system performance at crucial high surge sales periods such as 9.9 and the recent Singles Day 11.11 sale.

“With minimised downtime, we can now assure our customers that we will deliver their packages on time. With health check mechanisms in place, the system also allows our IT team to add more servers as needed to support growing demand without interrupting our production traffic. This is important for us as, downtime for maintenance is something we cannot afford,” he adds.

J&T Express which started its operations in Malaysia in 2018, also operates in Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Philippines and Singapore. The rising demand for courier services has enabled them to scale up to 450 drop-points across Malaysia and employ over 7000 people.

Shibu Paul, Vice President – International Sales at Array Networks explains, “Logistic companies like J&T Express need a robust flexible management system to handle high amount of deliveries that require fast processing and minimal downtime. Every downtime can affect the company’s reputation and even worse result in loss of business. Our solution helps ensure J&T delivers on time, every time.”

Single applications hosted on a single server limits an applications ability to perform in high traffic situations. By deploying Array Network APV Series application delivery controllers, our solution will intelligently distribute traffic across multiple servers ensuring 99.999% application availability, up to 5x application acceleration and provides first line of defence for web-enabled applications.

“Now more than ever, logistics plays a crucial role in assisting businesses to stay in business as the movement remains restricted. As more retailers move online, we anticipate higher demand for logistic companies such as J&T Express and we are more than ready to help companies enhance their operations with our wide range of solutions,” ends Shibu.

About Array Networks
Array Networks solves performance and complexity challenges for businesses moving toward virtualized networking, security and application delivery. Array addresses the growing market demand for network functions virtualization (NFV), cloud computing, and software-centric networking. Proven at more than 5,000 worldwide customer deployments, Array is recognized by leading analysts, enterprises, service providers and partners for pioneering next-generation technology that delivers agility at scale. Visit: www.array-networks.co.in to know about Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), cloud computing, and software-centric networking.

About J&T Express
Establishing first in Indonesia back in the year 2015, J&T Express overcame the coast of Java delivering the impossible to people of Indonesia. This undying effort puts us as one of Indonesia’s top two most favourite courier express company on the coast of Java, reigning us as top two best courier express company in the country. To date, with more than 7000 workers, 450 drop points, and 15 gateways nationwide, J&T Express Malaysia is confident that we are able to reach the top of Malaysia’s favourite express courier service company reigning the top three best express courier service in the country.

We enhance and broaden our services. We strive to unlock our potential and bring ourselves forward in the industry. It is with great confidence J&T Express has chosen the right trade in Malaysia delivering sustainable performance as we navigate closer towards fulfilling our ambition in becoming one of Southeast Asia’s transit hub.

Visit www.jtexpress.my/profile.php to know more.