Array Networks Showcases How End-Customers and Partners Leverage Array’s Hybrid Platform in Innovative Ways for Application Delivery and Security Needs

Array’s AVX Network Functions Platforms combine guaranteed performance with the agility of virtual appliances to serve distributed enterprises in multiple roles

Milpitas, Calif. – Feb. 5, 2019 Array Networks Inc., today announced a showcase for the company’s AVX Series Network Functions Platforms now that the platform has achieved a broad distribution. Designed as high-performance and customized platforms for Array, third-party and open-source networking and security virtual appliances, the AVX platforms are now being used for scenarios beyond functions such as next-gen firewalls, application delivery controllers, WAFs, IDS/IPS, DDoS and more.

The network functions platforms provide guaranteed performance per virtual instance – thus delivering the performance of dedicated appliances with the agility of Virtual Appliances (VAs). This unique combination is allowing customers and partners to address critical business needs where performance cannot be compromised; to consolidate data center sprawl from dozens of dedicated appliances to just a few rack units; and to develop new, combined solutions to address business needs and gain significant competitive advantages.

“While network and security functions were our original focus for the network functions platforms, we are finding that a wide variety of business solutions can benefit from guaranteed performance coupled with the agility of virtual appliances,” said Milind Kulkarni, senior director of product management for Array Networks. “It is very exciting to see the originality and creativity of our end-customers and value-added resellers come into play as the AVX Series reaches a broad global distribution in the marketplace.”

In one unique use case, an end-customer has deployed network routers, VoIP, and video conferencing virtual appliances on an AVX Series platform, resulting in a combined collaboration solution that can be quickly deployed in any global location. VoIP and video conferencing in particular are highly susceptible to degradation due to latency or resource contention; by deploying these communications devices on Array’s platform, performance levels are guaranteed. In addition, the solution can be scaled up or scaled out as needed.

In another example, an end-customer developed highly specialized line-of-business applications in-house over many years. However, when the IT department implemented a virtualization strategy, the performance of these business-critical applications became unacceptable due to resource contention and the overall lower throughput of generic servers versus the previous deployment scenario. By deploying these applications as VAs on the AVX Series, the applications are once again able to achieve the performance needed to meet business needs, coupled with the agility and scalability of virtual appliances.

In yet another example, the end-customer had, over the years, deployed dozens of next-gen firewall dedicated appliances that occupied valuable rack real estate in the data center. In addition, cabling, power, cooling had spiraled out of control. By consolidating virtual editions of the NGFWs into just a few AVX Series appliances, the Array channel partner helped the customer retain the NGFW capabilities they relied upon, while greatly reducing the overhead (both space and OPEX) required to adequately protect the network.

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