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Press Release: BCP Cost Cut

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HomePress ReleasePress Release: BCP Cost Cut


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Array Networks Slashes Business Continuity Costs with Pre-Paid Licenses for Desktop Remote Access

Cost-Effective DesktopDirect solution enables normally deskbound employees to work remotely during business disruptions such as H1N1 and Bridge closings

MILPITAS, CA - Oct 29, 2009 - Array Networks Inc., a global leader in secure application delivery, is making affordable business continuity planning a reality with today’s launch of the Array Business Continuity (ABC) Pre-Paid License. The ABC licenses are included in Array’s desktop remote access solution “DesktopDirect,” which allows office users to continue to work remotely as if they were at their desktop. With these pre-paid licenses, small-to-medium businesses and enterprises can now be fully prepared for potential business disruptions - at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional business continuity licenses.

“In designing a business continuity plan, companies face tough decisions in choosing the level of preparedness compared with costs, especially on a smaller budget,” said Sunil Cherian, vice president of product marketing for Array Networks. “Facing this trade-off, some companies opt not to include remote access due to costs - leaving them vulnerable to productivity and revenue loss in the event of a swine flu outbreak, bridge closing or similar disruption. With this built-in pre-paid license approach, we’re offering a middle ground where all businesses can be fully prepared without breaking the bank.”

The pre-paid ABC license enables desktop remote access for ten non-consecutive days of emergency use. When used within a pre-defined normal usage threshold, the license allows concurrent users to access DesktopDirect without depleting multiple days of pre-paid licenses. This enables companies to maximize each daily license, which minimizes costs by avoiding new license purchases sooner than necessary.

Desktop remote access is provided for employees through DesktopDirect’s premise-based architecture, which keeps office data secure through authentication, strong network security and flexible administrative control. The solution’s unique WAKE-on-LAN technology allows users to turn office computers on and off remotely - resulting in significant energy savings and improved security by only requiring office computers to be turned on as needed.

DesktopDirect is available on any Array SPX Universal Access Controller, a highly flexible appliance that supports a variety of access products.

About Array Networks

Founded in 2000, Array Networks is a global leader in enterprise secure application delivery and universal access solutions for rapidly growing SSL VPN and application acceleration markets. More than 2,500 customers worldwide - including enterprises, service providers, government and vertical organizations in healthcare, finance, insurance and education - rely on Array to provide anytime, anywhere secure and optimized access. Industry leaders including Deloitte, Red Herring, Gartner, and Frost and Sullivan have recognized Array as a market and technology leader.

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