Array IDpass Identity Solution

Say Goodbye to Passwords!

Say Goodbye to Passwords!

Array IDpass Identity Solution offers a secure and user-friendly login experience to access your accounts without worrying much about remembering passwords, account lockouts, credential theft and account breaches. Its robust Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) solution enables highly secure and faster interactions with sensitive data and applications from anywhere.

Your identity guardian, Array IDpass powered by FIDO technology employs advanced user verification methods that includes biometrics such as fingerprints or facial recognition and security keys to establish the user identity securely reducing the chances of unauthorized access. It seamlessly integrates with various platforms, including web browsers, mobile apps, and operating systems. Organizations can significantly enhance their security posture by leveraging more robust passwordless authentication methods to improve user experience, meet regulatory requirements to mitigate risks associated with password-related vulnerabilities that effectively combat phishing attempts reducing the burden on IT support teams saving time and resources.

Simplified Authentication Process

Array IDpass support commonly adopted authorization and single sign-on specifications such as OAuth 2.0, SAML & RADIUS allowing integration with various enterprise applications, including major OEM application services.


  • We have passed certifications
  • of the international FIDO Alliance
  • to provide compliant solutions.


  • We provide
  • visual interface backend
  • visual interface backend for
  • simple and clear settings.


  • SDK of mobile phones
  • supports iOS 10 or above
  • and Android 6 or above.
Simplified Authentication Process
Unlock Simplicity. Embrace Passwordless Security.

Advanced Features

  • Enhanced Security

    Enhanced Security

    Eliminates the risk of security threats and phishing attacks with stronger authentication elements such as biometrics, security keys or tokens.

  • User Experience

    User Experience

    Seamless and secure QR code login process with biometric verification for employees and users without the need to remember passwords.

  • Flexible Integration

    Flexible Integration

    Easily integrates with various platforms that support various operating systems, VPN,VDI, web browsers and mobile apps.

Passwordless Access To Your Applications

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