New Array AVX Series Software Release – AVX 2.5

May 26, 2021

We’re very pleased to announce the release of AVX 2.5, which brings a number of new features and capabilities to the AVX Series Network Functions Platform. Key highlights include:

  • Virtual switch enhancements, including support for Spanning Tree Protocol (STP), VLAN, multi-queue and port mirroring, as well as support for a unique and fixed MAC for every virtual port. In particular, multi-queue support offers an approach to scale up network performance as the number of vCPUs increases, and port mirroring (a.k.a. SPAN) supports traffic monitoring and inspection by 3rd party devices.
  • A newly redesigned, sleek and user-friendly WebUI which supports service topology view with WYSIWYG editing and topology-based management. This release also includes advanced VA management and monitoring functions such as Web VNC console, VA status monitoring and management, and detection of connecting status between Array vAPV and vxAG instances.
  • Pay-as-you-go license packs, which enable you to purchase Array products like vAPV virtual ADCs and vxAG virtual SSL VPNs incrementally in multiples of four.
  • DHCP assignment of IP addresses to the management ports of VA instances, and support for SNMP traps.

In addition, a number of enhancements are included in this new release, including support for log filtering, support for allocation of Site2Site tunnels for vxAG instances, and enhanced display of port mapping relationships between VAs and the AVX Series.

AVX version 2.5 is available on the U.S. Support site, as well as international support sites.

James Kwon