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Application Firewall Load Balancing, Availability & Acceleration


Enterprises typically rely upon hundreds if not thousands of web and mobile applications to support business tasks ranging from sales orders to human resources to enterprise resource planning and more. Increasingly, these applications have come under attack by those who would steal sensitive business information and valuable financial records.

To protect these resources, it's become common to deploy Web application firewalls (WAFs), which provide protection against a broad range of threats – including known malware signatures, advanced persistent threats, intrusion attempts, zero-day attacks and more. In addition, businesses are increasingly deploying application firewalls as virtual appliances to gain agility while reducing costs for space, power and cooling associated with physical appliances.

Virtual appliance agility comes at the expense of performance, however, and especially so for compute-intensive solutions such as WAF. Array's AVX Series Network Functions Platform address this challenge by providing guaranteed performance for Array and 3rd-party networking and security functions like application firewalls. In addition, Array's vAPV virtual load balancer, running on the AVX platform along with one or more WAF virtual appliances, further bolsters performance and availability for the critical security and defense functions provided by application firewalls.

Positive Technologies Application Firewall

AVX Certified VA AVX Series Network Functions Platforms deliver guaranteed performance through dedicated CPU, SSL resources, I/O and memory for Array vAPV virtual application delivery controller and Positive Technologies Application Firewall instances. The combination of Array's AVX Series and vAPV virtual load balancers help assure that the PT AF virtual appliances perform at the highest possible level.

The combined AVX/vAPV/PT AF solution allows enterprises to deploy best-of-breed technologies for both the security and the performance of their applications.

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