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Senior Solutions Engineer (Taiwan)

Senior Solutions Engineer (Taiwan)
In this role, you will partner with Product Management/Marketing and R&D to develop sales tools and provide technical know-how to showcase (including training and education) Array Networks' product solutions.

• Maintain product engineering lab infrastructure, infrastructure enhancements, and test APV harnesses with 3rd party application beta/latest partner product releases.
• Develop APV & Application Technical Deployment Guide for product marketing/sales to use.
• Prepare Technical Presentations for APV Product & Solution Definition (technical and business) in the areas of ADC virtualization and cloud computing
• Field, industry and customer education of the defined solutions
• Gather technical requirements from 3rd party SW integration, and work to help Product Management, Product Development, and Business Development understand the requirement for inclusion in the product.
• Test the performance of a variety of third party applications when deployed in conjunction with Array products
• Handle technical issues of any degree of complexity with minimal need for supervision or assistance

• Expert knowledge of underlying web technologies including HTTP, HTML and JavaScript, knowledge of TCP/IP networking and layer 7 protocols
• Enterprise application installation/configuration experience is critical
• Fluent in various scripting languages, Python, Perl and TCL preferred
• Able to script, integrate, utilize open source SW tools for lab testing
• Good written (Chinese/English) and oral communication skills
• Strong teamwork skills
• Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science or related field, or 4+ year relevant work experience
• 2+ years professional experience in software development
• Proven technical sales track record & strong work ethic are a must

Solution Team Engineers (Taiwan)

Solution Team Engineers (Taiwan)
This is a senior product engineer role which requires ability to integrate Array products (ADC, WAN Optimization, VPN) with leading networking applications.

• 3~5 years of experience in application integration and deployment
• Knowledge of computer networking and network protocols (TCP/IP, HTTP/HTTPS, TLS/SSL, etc.)
• Program languages: basic Python and/or Java
• Experience/Knowledge in ADC/SLB, virtualized data center operation a plus
• Fast and independent learner. Good in English writing.

Solution Team Engineers (Taiwan)

Engineering Technician
We are looking for an engineer or technician for designing, developing, implementing and testing computer-based hardware and software, including the sub-assemblies and/or components that are found inside the system, as well as the actual units that contain the computers and the software that runs on those systems. They may also design networks that connect computer systems, and work on integrating software programs with computer hardware. Be able to develop and test solutions to solve technical problems in development, Product test, manufacturing, inspection, and maintenance.

Primary Responsibilities
• Assist and operations engineering as they create, modify, and test products and processes.
• Repairing or testing machines, devices, and equipment that operate primarily on the basis of electrical or electronic principles
• Analyzing information and evaluating results to choose the best solution and solve problems.
• Identifying complex problems and reviewing related information to develop and evaluate options and implement solutions.
• Using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, conclusions or approaches to problems
• Conducting tests and inspections of products, services, or processes to evaluate quality or performance.
• Determining how a system should work and how changes in conditions, operations, and the environment will affect outcomes
• Communicating effectively in writing as appropriate for the needs of the audience

Required Knowledge
• Circuit boards, processors, chips, electronic equipment, and computer hardware and software, including applications and programming
• Practical application of engineering science and technology. This includes applying principles, techniques, procedures, and equipment to the design and production of various goods and services.
• Design techniques, tools, and principles involved in production of precision technical plans, blueprints, drawings, and models
• Principles and processes for providing customer and personal services. This includes customer needs assessment, meeting quality standards for services, and evaluation of customer satisfaction.

Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer
You will be responsible for the design, implementation, and delivery of high-performance networking and security software products. You will be an integral part of the Array engineering team and will participate in all aspects of software development, including architecture/design, coding, testing, and troubleshooting. Expect to work in a fast-paced startup environment.

• Strong systems programming skills, with extensive experience developing kernel/OS and networking software
• Substantial practical experience with TCP/IP and HTTP protocols
• Knowledge and understanding of network security issues and solutions
• Strong problem-solving, troubleshooting, and debugging skills
• Strong software design and C/UNIX programming skills
• Ability to acquire new technical skills quickly and contribute to a wide range of projects
• A track record of developing complex software components from start to finish and delivering working solutions on time
• A self starter - highly motivated and able to work productively with minimal guidance
• Good verbal and written communication skills
• Experience with integration of external enterprise applications and analysis of third-party network protocols is highly desirable
• Experience with Windows software development and system APIs is highly desirable
• Experience with Java and ActiveX development is highly desirable

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