Array’s WAN Optimization Controllers Redesigned, Upgraded And Renamed

May 26, 2021

Earlier today, Array announced a completely redesigned and revamped architecture for our WAN Optimization Controller product line. Along with the new architecture, we’ve also added a number of new features to simplify deployment and day-to-day operations, and major upgrades to the Configuration Management System (CMS). And in addition to these major changes, we’ve also renamed the product line – formerly called aCelera, it’s now called the WAN Series.

WAN Series includes innovative features like stream-based data differencing, single instance store and application blueprints for widely used enterprise applications like SharePoint, Office, SAP, NetApp NAS, Oracle and many others.

With the new version, we’ve released DHCP for zero-configuration deployment. Through DHCP, a peer auto-discovery function automatically detects remote WAN Series devices at branch or remote locations, sets up a connection and automatically begins accelerating traffic to and from the main location.

vWAN, the virtual edition of the WAN Series, also now has support for Array’s AVX Series Network Functions Platforms, giving enterprise and xSP users yet another option for NFV deployment. In addition, support has been added for AWS, Azure, and other cloud environments. Other refinements include adding support for new routing protocols to support multiple WAN routers, and support for new compression algorithms.

The WAN Series CMS, as mentioned, has also had major upgrades. Now, from a single WebUI, you can manage thousands of remote WAN Series devices with zero touch deployment, configuration and monitoring.

The WAN Series WAN Optimization Controllers include options to fit nearly any scenario, including a virtual appliance or Windows-based software for small branch or remote offices, as well as a desktop-sized version – the WAN1100 – that offers more throughput. A mobile version is available for road warriors and similar situations. And the hardware-based WAN Series appliances can provide up to 1Gbps throughput and support up to 100,000 concurrent accelerated TCP connections.

If your organization’s productivity relies upon employees being able to access data, or if meeting data replication goals is a problem due to low bandwidth or large data sizes, consider the new WAN Series WAN Optimization Controllers from Array.

Roland Hsu