Array’s Latest AMP Release Offers New Enhancements

May 26, 2021

The Array Management Platform (AMP) has a number of new enhancements in the latest release, version 2.1. Announced just last year, AMP provides centralized configuration, monitoring and analytics for Array application delivery controllers (ADCs) and SSL VPNs deployed in private clouds. AMP also provides instant insight into user behaviors for audit and analysis, and at-a-glance visualization of trends and performance issues among devices and services.

New in AMP 2.1 are service statistics for monitored AG and vxAG SSL VPN gateways. Visitor information includes time, method, agent and other information. The latest version also includes application statistics that display the applications visited by users. The latter information is searchable by time span.

AMP 2.1 also adds user, application and URL statistics for monitored APV and vAPV ADCs providing server load balancing services. Detailed user statistics include time, request method, status code, user agent and other information. Information on user visits to applications is aggregated and searchable by time span. The URL statistics of the real servers are displayed in a convenient table format, allowing administrators to view status such as average delay, request and response status, and other information.

AMP provides a valuable tool for network administrators to manage, configure and update Array ADCs and SSL VPNs, as well as real-time visibility into the managed devices and the services that are associated with them. With the new enhancements, admins have even greater visibility into user behaviors and system performance for regulatory compliance and to improve overall operations.

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Michael Zhao