Array Now Validated With Nutanix AHV 5.5

May 26, 2021

Recently, Array’s virtual vAPV application delivery controller and vxAG virtual SSL VPN achieved re-validation with the latest version of the Nutanix hypervisor, AHV 5.5. Our ADC and SSL VPN products first attained ‘Nutanix Ready’ status in 2015. We see great synergies between our products; the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud converges server, storage and virtualization resources, while Array provides the essential application delivery functions to scale and optimize business-critical applications as well as providing secure remote and mobile access.

Array offers three deployment models with Nutanix to give enterprises flexible options in their infrastructure deployment:

  1. Array’s ADC and SSL VPN virtual appliances may be deployed directly in a Nutanix AHV environment to provide agile, flexible on-demand load balancing, application delivery and secure remote/mobile access whenever and wherever it is needed.
  2. Virtual ADC and SSL VPN can be deployed as instances on our AVX Series Network Functions Platform to front-end Nutanix. The AVX Series offers a hyperconverged-like environment with dedicated compute, memory, I/O and SSL resources per instance for the guaranteed performance that networking and security functions need, combined with the agility afforded by virtual appliances.
  3. For maximum scalability, dedicated Array appliances can be deployed as a front-end to Nutanix environments. This option can provide the highest levels of performance for high application traffic loads

All three ADC options can also offload compute-intensive SSL processing from other networking and security appliances, freeing their resources for their core functionality. In addition, all Array ADC appliances options can offer SSL intercept. In this scenario, SSL-encrypted traffic is decrypted by one Array ADC, passed to NGFWs, WAFs and other devices for their respective inspections, then re-encrypted by a second Array ADC before forwarding to the final destination.

Applications and services running in a Nutanix environment typically require Layer 4 through 7 services to ensure applications have the availability, performance and security needed to meet requirements. Array’s virtual ADC and SSL VPN streamline operations and optimize applications and services running in Nutanix hyperconverged infrastructure.

Array is a member of the Nutanix Elevate Technology Alliance Program, and is committed to delivering the application delivery services needed by Nutanix customers.

As IT organizations adopt cloud and web-scale principles for their data centers, they are increasingly turning to Nutanix for their infrastructure. Our application delivery controllers give businesses and systems integrators the ability to address availability, performance and security requirements for their Nutanix environments in flexible and cost-efficient ways.

Deployment guides, solution briefs and other materials are available on our Hyperconverged Infrastructures page. Reach out to us if you’re considering deploying Nutanix, or if you’re a Nutanix reseller, to learn more.

Roland Hsu